Zhejiang Naijiate Technology Co., Ltd.

The world's leading green vehicle - professional manufacturer of electric bicycles

Zhejiang Naijiate Technology Co., Ltd. (Quzhou Naijiate Vehicle Co., Ltd.) is located at No. 1 Xingye Avenue, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Founded in January 2010, the company is a leading global manufacturer of green vehicles - electric bicycles. The total investment is 510 million yuan, covering an area of 282 acres, the first phase of completion of 112 acres, plant area of more than 52,000 square meters, more than 130 employees. In 2016, the company set up offices and warehousing in Los Angeles. The NAKTO trademark was successfully registered in the United States. The products passed the domestic 3C certification, the EU CE EN15194, TUV and other certifications.

The company has jurisdiction over the frame and component processing area, the pollution-free frame shot blasting treatment area, the frame plasticizing and precision processing area, the whole vehicle and parts lead-free paint-free area, the special electrical equipment research and development area, and the vehicle functionalized intelligent development zone. And two lines of production and assembly area, the annual production capacity of the first phase reached 600,000 units. With the complete production, manufacturing, management, operation system and teamwork efforts, the company has won the honor of national high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang famous trademarks, famous trademarks of Chenzhou City, and special awards of Mayor of Chenzhou City. As of May 2019, the company's products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Europe, North and South America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan Province.

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